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Conference of European Statisticians Statistical Standards and Studies

The UNECE Conference of European Statisticians (CES) has been involved in setting statistical norms and standards since the Conference was established. Its main objective is to improve official statistics and their comparability, promote close coordination of international statistical activities, respond to any emerging needs for international statistical cooperation, and develop and adopt statistical standards in the UNECE region. The work builds on the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics, a standard that was first adopted by UNECE in 1992, and globally by the UN Statistical Commission in 1994. These principles are considered a basic framework which all statistical activities developed by national and international organizations must follow in recognizing official statistics as a public good. The Conference has enhanced its role as the principal forum for the coordination of official statistical work throughout Europe and North America. A number of standards for statistical production have been developed under the CES to support countries in the midst of the ongoing data revolution. Publications in this series provides progress assessments on Statistical Standards and Studies.

Country Profiles on Housing and Land Management

The Country Profile reports contain in-depth analysis of housing, urban development and land management sectors while focusing on specific challenges or achievements in these sectors. These include housing provision and affordability; management and maintenance of the housing stock; energy efficiency in housing; disaster risk mitigation; urbanization; housing finance; and the legal and institutional framework. The reports also lay out sets of policy recommendations to help in meeting these challenges.

Coup d'oeil sur les produits de base

Les produits de base sont des produits issus de la production agricole ou minière qui n’ont pas encore été transformés: produits agricoles, boissons tropicales, énergie, minéraux, minerais et métaux. Cette série de publications vise à collecter, présenter et diffuser des informations statistiques précises et pertinentes sur les marchés internationaux de produits primaires, dans un format clair et concis.

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Criminal Justice Handbook Series

The Criminal Justice Handbook Series is a series of tools developed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to support countries in implementing the rule of law and the development of crime prevention and criminal justice reform. It can be used in a variety of contexts, including as part of UNODC technical assistance and capacity-building projects, both as a reference document and as a training tool.
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