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One of the most comprehensive trusted world trade statistics collections available

The United Nations Comtrade database aggregates detailed global annual and monthly merchandise trade statistics by product and trading partner for use by scholars and commerce professionals. Data compiled by the United Nations Statistics Division covers approximately 200 countries and represents over 99% of the world’s merchandise trade. Information can be extracted in a variety of formats including API developer tools for integration into customer applications and workflows. Subscribers receive access to additional functionality to improve efficiency and specificity, including lower limits on data exports.

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DSAR - Daily Subsistence Allowance Rates

DSA rates are intended to relate to good commercial hotels and restaurants at various locations for more than 250 cities around the world. An additional amount of 15 percent of the average hotel and meal cost is included in the DSA rate to account for incidental expenses. DSA rates generally relate to specific cities within the country. An "elsewhere" rate is also generally provided to encompass all remaining areas of a country

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