Chemical Legislation in ECE Countries (CD-ROM)

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CHEMLEX, provides a comparative study on chemical legislation of countries in the ECE region. It presents data on some 600 legislative texts from 25 countries and the European Union, complete with text number, date of adoption, keywords, country and sub-area concerned and references to official gazettes. CHEMLEX also presents the title of the legislative text in the official language of the country as well as English translation, references to corrigenda, summary of the act and a chaining file. A comparison of the legislation of approximately 15 countries in some 20 different fields of chemical legislation is also included. Requirements: IBM compatible, 486 SX processor or higher, MS-Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 or Windows NT, 8 MB internal memory, 4 MB free space on the hard disk, VGA or SVGA and a CD-ROM drive.


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