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Services Sector Reform and Development Strategies

Issues and Research Priorities

  • Author: UNCTAD
  • Publication date: November 2001
  • Page count: 32
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 01.II.D.7

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The purpose of this paper is to review some of the empirical work, which can provide relevant inputs to the implementation of strategies for use in the General Agreement on Trade Services (GATS) negotiations and for domestic policy reform. It makes the case for a more coherent approach to the design of reform policy in the services sector. It also stresses the importance of considering the interaction between services activities, between modes of supply and in some cases between goods and services. Finally, it outlines some issues for decision-makers to consider and a series of related research projects to initiate, as they respond to shifts in the market place and as they plan their approach to the services negotiations.