Rromani Youths

The Pathways of Juvenile Justice

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Although Rromani communities (nomadic, semi-sedentary and sedentary population groups) have been studied from different perspectives there has been less research on the interaction between the justice system and minors belonging to Rromani communities. This publication brings the experiences and perspectives of the different parties involved in cases of Rromani minors in conflict with the law. It presents an analysis of the situation in three selected geographical areas: the metropolitan areas of Budapest in Hungary, Paris in France and Florence in Italy. Focusing on the juvenile justice system and its application with respect to the Rromani children, the publication discusses a wide range of issues that include: human rights, the rights of minorities, the rights of the child and the administration of juvenile justice. It also offers an analysis of international standards of juvenile justice, their adoption in national legislation, and an evaluation of their effectiveness.


United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
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