Towards a Climate Resilient Multispecies Finfish Management Plan for Belize

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This document details a proposal for a national adaptive multispecies finfish management plan for Belize. The plan’s development and implementation are initiatives of the Belize Fisheries Department, in compliance with the provisions of the Fisheries Resources Act of 2020 and in accordance with the National Fisheries Policy, Strategy & Action Plan (NFPSAP) of Belize and the OETS. The proposed plan was developed with support from UNCTAD, DOALOS and EDF, and with input and expertise from dozens of stakeholders and international experts who participated in discussions and workshops. The adaptive, participatory, and science-based approach to managing multispecies finfish fisheries in Belize, as articulated in this proposed finfish management plan, is essential for ensuring healthy ecosystems and sustainable, climate-resilient fisheries that support the livelihoods and food security of fishery-dependent communities.


UNCTAD/Division on International Trade and Commodities (DITC)
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