UNCITRAL Practice Guide on Cross-border Insolvency Cooperation (Chinese Language)

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Adopted by UNCITRAL on 1 July 2009, the publication provides information for insolvency practitioners and judges on practical aspects of cooperation and communication in cross-border insolvency cases. The information is based upon a description of collected experience and practice, focusing on the use and negotiation of cross-border agreements. It provides an analysis of more than 39 agreements, ranging from written agreements approved by courts to oral arrangement between parties to the proceedings that have been entered into over the last decade or so. It illustrates how the resolution of issues and conflicts that might arise in cross-border insolvency cases could be facilitated by cross-border cooperation, and includes a number of sample clauses to illustrate how different issues have been, or might be, addressed. It also includes summaries of the cases in which the cross-border agreements that form the basis of the analysis were used.


UN/Commission on International Trade Law
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