Sustainable Coastal Tourism

An Integrated Planning and Management Approach

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This handbook was conceived as a practical tool to be used by decision-makers and practitioners in both the tourism sector and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). It provides a kind of two-way scheme allowing for the integration of tourism strategic planning into the wider process of ICZM on one hand and, on the other, for the application of the ICZM approach in tourism development. The handbook has two main parts. Its main body tackles all important issues related to coastal tourism and its positive and negative impacts on natural environment and society, as well as various planning and management schemes for tourism, with particular reference to ICZM. Individual steps of the proposed process of strategic planning for coastal tourism, based on the concept of Carrying Capacity Assessment, are presented in an Annex with all the details indicating when, how and by whom to undertake these steps.


United Nations Environment Programme
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