Port Management Series Volume 8: Case Studies

TrainForTrade Port Management Programme English-speaking Network

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UNCTAD’s TrainForTrade Port Management Series (PMS) is published in English, French, and Spanish on a three-yearly cycle. This Volume – number 8 in the series – presents fifteen dissertations which have been judged to be the best from the recent cycles of the English-speaking Network. The participants involved come from ports in Ghana (cycle 4), Indonesia (cycle 4), Malaysia (cycle 1), Nigeria (cycle 2), and the Philippines (cycle 2). This introductory chapter gives background information on UNCTAD and the PMP and explains the dissertation process. The following chapter includes a profile of each participant followed by a summary of their report and recommendations. The final section of each summary links the recommendations to directly relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including their targets and indicators. Where possible, an update on any aspect of the report and recommendations that have been implemented concludes the summary. The dissertation process is a professional tool encompassing research, report writing and presentation through which the author demonstrates his or her insights, knowledge, and abilities in an important aspect of their organization. The output is focused on a real business issue for the port and as such is a valuable resource and a significant contribution to their employer organizations. The dissertation is looked upon as a professionally produced business report for management to review and act on, where they see fit. Collectively, the dissertations, which are held on a searchable database, provide a collection of case studies that make up a tremendous source of shared knowledge for members of the PMP Network.


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