Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the ESCWA Region 2009-2010 (Arabic language)

التنسيق *
This year's Survey looks at the effect that the global financial crisis has had on economies and social development in the Western Asia region. The Survey shows that while some economies have weathered the global recession well, the impact on others has been significant. It is possible that the negative economic and social consequences of the crisis on employment, poverty, health, education, gender equality and growth will be felt for some time. The 2011 revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and other countires are unprecedented in their dynamics. The consequences of these changes will only become apparent as events unfold. A new model of economic development in the region is emerging and it is critical that it responds to the aspirations of the people who have led these revolutions.


UN/Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
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Survey of Economic and Social Development in the Arab Region (Arabic)

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