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Judgments, Orders and Advisory Opinions: Vol 8, 1932 (Reprint)

  • Author: ICJ
  • Publication date: October 2022
  • Page count: 808
  • Language(s) in this book: English, French

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ISBN: 9789210038898

About the product

Any legal library would be incomplete without the entire set of this historical reprint. The 15 bound volumes of the judgments, orders and advisory opinions of the PCIJ include the collections of judgments from 1923-1930 (Series A) and advisory opinions from 1923-1930 (Series B), and the collections of judgments, orders and advisory opinions from 1931-1940 (Series A/B). Volume 8 contains advisory opinions in the following cases: Treatment of Polish Nationals and Other Persons of Polish Origin or Speech in the Danzig Territory, Interpretation of the Greco-Bulgarian Agreement of 9 December 1927 and Interpretation of the Convention of 1919 concerning Employment of Women during the Night; judgments in: Free Zones of Upper Savoy and the District of Gex and Interpretation of the Statute of the Memel Territory; and orders in: Interpretation of the Statute of the Memel Territory and Legal Status of the South-Eastern Territory of Greenland.