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Black Sea Geographic Information System (CD-ROM)

  • Publication date: December 1997
  • Page count: 0
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 98.III.B.4

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About the product

This CD-ROM contains the recently developed Geographic Information System (GIS) covering the large-scale region of the Black Sea. The system has been created using existing and recently obtained data from a wide range of national and international sources. Eleven scientific institutions and more than 50 experts have contributed to the development of the Black Sea GIS. The system consists of seven thematic blocks representing different aspects of the Black Sea ecosystem. They are Geography, Geology, Meteorology, Physical Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography and Contamination, Biology, and Fisheries. A user-friendly interface called the 'GIS Navigator' will guide you through 550 maps available in the system.