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Factors of Success and Failure of the Democratic Process in South Eastern Europe

  • Author: UNDP
  • Publication date: January 2001
  • Page count: 88
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 01.III.B.3

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A summary of a regional seminar, this publication underlines the way in which democracy and development are connected. It presents analyses of the current state of democracy in the region, and discussions of what still has to be done. The publication also stresses that democracy is an ongoing process, not something that can be achieved once and for all. It discusses the various meanings of the concept of democracy, both theoretically and through surveys amongst the citizens of the various countries in the region. The publication insists that even though cultural differences are important, democracy represents certain core values that have to be respected. It also emphasizes the role of the UN in the process of democratization throughout the world.