Human Development Report 2005

International Cooperation at a Crossroads - Aid, Trade and Security in an Unequal World (Russian language)

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This Report is about the scale of the challenge facing the world at the start of the 10-year countdown to 2015. Its focus is on what govern- ments in rich countries can do to keep their side of the global partnership bargain. is does not imply that governments in developing countries have no responsibility. On the contrary, they have primary responsibility. No amount of in- ternational cooperation can compensate for the actions of governments that fail to prioritize human development, to respect human rights, to tackle inequality or to root out corruption. But without a renewed commitment to coop- eration backed by practical action, the MDGs will be missed—and the Millennium Declara- tion will go down in history as just one more empty promise.


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
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Human Development Report (Russian Version)

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