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Adapt to Survive: Business Transformation in a Time of Uncertainty

Geo for Business Brief

  • Author: UNEP, DEWA
  • Publication date:
  • Page count: 24
  • Language(s) in this book: English

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ISBN: 9789280738384

About the product

As the world is witnessing dramatic changes in the environment, in technology, in the economy, and in society, ‘Business as usual’ is no longer acceptable. The Coronavirus pandemic has amplified concerns about the highly interconnected and vulnerable state of the global economy, the relationship with nature, and the prospects for each living being on this planet, including people, to survive and to thrive. The newly launched Global Environment Outlook for Business briefs look at the GEO findings through a business lens. Written ‘by business for business’, the briefs bring the science of the GEO to the business community to support them in developing plans, business strategies, technology pathways, mechanisms, and enablers towards building a green and circular economy.