Promoting Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS

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Today, there are over 20 countries classified as transition economies. It is undeniable that a basic and essential challenge for all transition economies is still the attraction of investment and, in particular, long-term investment. The aim of this publication is to outline and discuss structure, strategies and aims of investment promotion, and to help already existing investment promotion agencies (IPAs) to define a more targeted and clearer direction of their work. The papers presented in the guide are intended to give an overview of foreign direct investment (FDI) flows, the role of IPAs and the everyday problems these agencies face. This volume is part of a series on trade and investment guides to assist economies in transition, as well as economic actors in other countries, to become familiar with best practices in the areas of trade, investment and related legal and commercial practices.


United Nations
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Trade and Investment Guides

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