Mining in Latin America in the Late 1990s

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This report analyzes the factors that have determined the flow of investments in mining operations in Latin America. It also evaluates the extent of such investments in the 1990s. This publication consists of six sections. The first section examines investment flows into the mining sector in the light of changes in the composition of external financing in the 1990s. The second and third sections catalogue the main changes noted in the treatment of foreign direct investment and in the mining legislation of countries in the region. The fourth section contains a review of changes in trade and tax regimes and a comparison of the impact of taxation on investment decisions. The fifth section looks at the policies adopted by countries in the region, which created a favourable environment for foreign investment. The sixth and final section covers the variation in projected exploration costs of mining operators, the effective value of actual investments and the investment projections at the start of the new millennium.


UN/Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
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Recursos Naturales e Infraestructura

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