Forest Resources of Europe, CIS, North America, Australia, Japan and New Zealand (Industrialized Temperate/Boreal Countries) UN-ECE/FAO Contribution in the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2000

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Forest Resources Assessment 2000 presents the national replies to a detailed enquiry on forest resources of 55 temperate/boreal industrialized countries: Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), North America, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. The volume includes statistical and descriptive information together with analysis undertaken by high level experts in the following specific thematic areas: forest and Other Wooded Land (OWL); ownership and management status; wood supply and carbon sequestration; biological diversity and environmental protection; forest condition and damage; and protective and socio-economic functions. The publication is intended to be useful, not only to governments and the international forest policy community, but also to a wide range of other groups, including the scientific community, forest industries, NGOs (Non Governmental Organization), the conventions on biodiversity and climate change, forestry teachers and students, and the general public.


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