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Recommendation N°4: National Trade Facilitation Bodies (Russian language)

  • Author: UN, ECE
  • Publication date:
  • Page count: 36
  • Language(s) in this book: Russian

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ISBN: 9789210051996

About the product

The revised Recommendation No. 4 integrates Guidelines that provide a detailed description of the steps for establishing the national trade facilitation bodies (NTFB) as well as a model terms of reference for an NTFB which countries use or customize based on their national context. It also provides a non-exhaustive list of those stakeholders that should be represented in an NTFB, including: importers, exporters, freight forwarders, carriers, customs, other government agencies, banks, insurance companies and others. Recommendation No. 4 is complemented by Recommendation No. 40 on “Consultative Approaches, Best Practices in Trade and Government Consultation on Trade Facilitation Matters”, which provides suggested complementary and alternative forms and approaches to consultation and offers a qualitative methodology to improve the very core of the consultative process.