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United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1988

Fortieth Issue

  • Author: UN, DESA
  • Publication date:
  • Page count: 1320
  • Language(s) in this book: English, French

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ISBN: 9789210582186

About the product

The Demographic Yearbook is a comprehensive collection of international demographic statistics, prepared by the Statistical Office of the United Nations. The Demographic Yearbook 1988, which features the results of population censuses as the special subject, is the fortieth in a series published by the United Nations. Many previous issues have included an article considered to be of particular interest to the users of the Demographic Yearbook. In this issue of the Yearbook, the special article is entitled "Dates on National Population and/or Housing Censuses taken during the decades 1975-1984 and 1985-1994".