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A Century of International Drug Control

100 Years (1909-2009)

  • Author: UNODC
  • Publication date: October 2010
  • Page count: 104
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 09.XI.18

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ISBN: 9789210558068

About the product

The present report is an extended version of Chapter 2 of the World Drug Report 2008. The international drug control system is one of the oldest consensus-based multilateral systems in existence. While the use of psychoactive substances itself extends back many centuries, today’s international drug control system is rooted in efforts made a century ago to address the largest substance abuse problem the world has ever faced: the Chinese opium epidemic. The present volume is not a diplomatic history, it aims only to present the basic development of the modern drug control system: why and how it arose, how it impacted drug production and consumption and its legacy for present and future international drug control efforts.