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South Asia in Action

Preventing and Responding to Child Trafficking - Analysis of Anti-trafficking Initiatives in the Region

  • Author: UNICEF-IRC
  • Publication date: December 2009
  • Page count: 76
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 09.XX.22

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Addressing the human cost and practical challenges imposed by child trafficking in South Asia, governments in the region, along with partners, have in recent years undertaken a range of initiatives grounded in the principles of child rights. This Innocenti Insight presents an analysis of anti-trafficking measures aimed to improve the situation of children. Produced in cooperation with the UNICEF regional office and the eight UNICEF country offices in South Asia, the study assesses national legal and policy frameworks and recommends actions that apply a rights-based approach to address the problem of child trafficking. Emphasis is placed on the wide-ranging impacts of trafficking, exploitation and abuse on the fulfilment of children's rights and fundamental freedoms, on the indivisibility of these rights and on the holistic nature of required solutions. The study underscores that to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach to child trafficking, exploitation and abuse, measures must be developed and implemented in full correspondence with the Convention on the Right of the Child and the broader framework of human rights. This report is the final in a series of three publications emerging from the South Asia research.