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Water Governance in the Arab Region

Managing Scarcity and Securing the Future

  • Author: UNDP
  • Publication date: February 2014
  • Page count: 182
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 14.III.B.2

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ISBN: 9789210542029

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The publication looks at the alarming current water situation in the Arab countries, with demand for water increasing exponentially as a result of rapid population expansion, changing lifestyles, urbanization, and the pressures of economic growth. The high dependency of the region on transboundary waters and growing competition over water use further intensifies the water crisis. Furthermore, the repercussions of climate change will exacerbate these ongoing challenges. This water crisis is, at its core, an issue of governance, often managed by fragmented government institutions with inadequate capacities leading to inefficient provision of potable water and sanitation services. Lastly, the Arab region's current political and economic transformations present an opportunity to advance water governance reform, while effective water governance systems can in turn catalyse region-wide aspirations for overall good governance and sustainable human development.