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Rule-of-law Tools for Post-conflict States

Mapping the Justice Sector

  • Author: UN, OHCHR
  • Publication date: July 2006
  • Page count: 64
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 06.XIV.6

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Countries emerging from conflict often suffer weak or non-existent rule of law, inadequate law enforcement and justice administration capacity, and increased instances of human rights violations. This situation is often exacerbated by a lack of public confidence in State authorities and a shortage of resources. These rule-of-law tools will provide practical guidance to field missions and transitional administrations in critical transitional justice and rule of law-related areas. This publication specifically addresses the issue of mapping the justice sector and some key related institutions and is intended to assist United Nations field staff in understanding how the justice sector actually worked in the State prior to and during the conflict, and how it should function if the rule of law is to take root.