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Weapons of Terror

Freeing the World of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Arms

  • Author: UN
  • Publication date: June 2006
  • Page count: 228
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 06.I.17

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Nuclear, biological and chemical arms have the potential to kill thousands and thousands of people in a single attack, and their effects may persist in the environment and in our bodies, in some cases indefinitely. So long as any state has such weapons – especially nuclear arms – others will want them. So long as any such weapons remain in any state’s arsenal, there is a risk that they will one day be used, by design or accident. In this report, the independent Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, chaired by Dr Hans Blix, confronts this global challenge and presents 60 recommendations on what the world community – national governments and civil society – can and should do.