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The new and upgraded UNDB website is all set to launch on December 5, 2019.

In the days leading up to the launch, certain functions of the current UNDB website will be frozen while we transition to the new website. During the freeze, users will not be able to register a new account or renew their subscriptions. There may also be delays in the posting of notices during this period.

Please be reminded to take note of the e-mail address and password that is associated with your account on the current UNDB website. You will need these credentials when logging in to the new website. When you log in for the first time, you will be required to change your password before gaining full access to the UNDB platform.

Companies around the world rely on United Nations Development Business (UNDB) to stay ahead of business opportunities in the global procurement market.

Since 1978, International Financing Institutions (IFI) including the World Bank, other multilateral development banks, inter-governmental organizations, government agencies, and NGOs have entrusted UNDB to publish their tenders and reach out to companies and consultants on their behalf. Over the years UNDB has been committed to organizing procurement information to make it easily accessible and useful to facilitate successful bidding on international development projects.


UNDB is improving its services further and upgrading its platform. The new and improved UNDB website will officially be launched on December 5, 2019.


The new UNDB website will have a modern appearance that reflects its history, future ambitions, and continued commitment to supporting international development. Driven by this commitment, the upgraded UNDB platform will introduce new and enhanced features that will allow its subscribers to easily discover and identify procurement information relevant to them.


What to Expect


  • New URL
  • New logo
  • Enhanced search features for better content discovery
  • Multiple saved search e-mail alerts/notifications
  • Corporate subscription plan (user-managed)
  • Seamless credit card payment processing
  • Automated invoices and receipts
  • New informative and easily digestible resources


With a renewed commitment to meeting the needs of its subscribers, the new website is merely a first step towards the further growth and modernization of UNDB. Further enhancements and new features are already in development.


NEW Website Features


User Guides & Video Tutorials



How To Create Saved Searches & E-Mail Alerts
Create multiple saved searches to directly access the projects and tenders that are relevant to you. Set up e-mail alerts to receive notifications when new notices from your saved searches have been published. VIEW USER GUIDE ►


First Time Log In for Current Subscribers
The UNDB platform will require all current subscribers to update their account information and create a more secure password when they log in for the first time. VIEW USER GUIDE ►


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