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Welcome to the new and enhanced Comtrade!

Welcome to the new UN Comtrade, the best source for detailed imports and exports statistics in goods and services reported by statistical authorities of close to 200 countries/areas since 1962. Discover the updated platform with new features to make your research faster, easier and more efficient. 


New Features 

Single sign-on 
The new UN Comtrade provides a simpler sign-on experience through selected providers to login to UN Comtrade. There is no need to create a new account/password when you have an account with those providers. 

More powerful data API options 
The new UN Comtrade provides more powerful data API options with a built-in developer portal for API definitions, testing, and obtaining your API keys.

New look and intuitive design 
The new UN Comtrade provides an easy way to find what you are looking for- like detailed imports and exports statistics in goods and services. Find them quickly and save the search for future re-use, thanks to the new look and more intuitive design.

Premium services 
The new UN Comtrade offers access to premium services, including bulk and Async(-batch) download. And priority preview access to Data Lake (when available).

New data, more parameters 
The new UN Comtrade features new data such as trade value in CIF and FOB, quantity in secondary unit codes, and gross weight. More parameters, including mode of transport, 2nd partner country, and customs procedure codes, are also available.

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New Options, New Pricing 

With all its additional features, the new Comtrade is introducing a new pricing structure beginning 1 October 2022. We will honor all existing subscriptions until their next regular renewal. Access to the legacy Comtrade platform will be available until end of March 2023.


Comtrade Subscriptions

New Comtrade subscription options and pricing



Premium Institutional Pro 1 
(not-for-profit and academic institutions) 

Premium Institutional Pro 2
(private sector/for profit) 

  • Yearly
$2,000  $6,000   $12,000 
  • Type of Access 
Individual Institution-wide access  Institution-wide access 
  • API/Batch/Bulk
queries per day
queries per day
queries per day
  • Terms of Use 
Internal Use  Internal Use  Internal Use 

For more information about the different types of subscriptions, click here.

How to Order
To order, please contact us at indicating the subscription type from the options offered (Premium Individual, Premium Pro 1, Premium Pro 2). Upon receipt of your request, we will contact you to arrange your preferred method of payment and set up access either by email domain such as or User Name and Password. 


Trial Premium Site License is offered to institutions. Please submit your request by e-mail to to receive Premium Site License. 

Re-dissemination means re-using UN Comtrade data as is (without any transformation) in other data platforms (printed or online), not for internal use


The re-dissemination of UN Comtrade data

Prerequisite: to be able to re-disseminate, you have to be an active Premium Pro subscriber


Cost of re-dissemination: It is based on the type of application:

(i) data visualization/analytics: 1 x Premium Pro subscription per year

(ii) data extraction: Fee depends on a case-by-case basis, and in addition, you have to ensure that your users are also UN Comtrade subscribers (Premium Individual or Pro). There is an API for this.


Now, the difference between data visualization/analytics and data extraction: if you limit 100,000 records per download, then it is data visualization/analytics.  If you do not limit the number of records to be downloaded, then it is data extraction.


Exception: No re-dissemination fee for the following use cases:

• A small number of records (up to 100,000)

• In Public/free-of-charge data visualization/analytics


In conclusion, having in mind an active Premium Pro subscription, you should choose which re-dissemination option is best for you:

* Option (i):  re-dissemination for data visualization/analytics application

* Option (ii): re-dissemination for data extraction application

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