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Water Conservation

A Guide to Promoting Public Awareness

  • Author: UN, ESCAP
  • Publication date: February 2002
  • Page count: 104
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 01.II.F.34

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Water is our common treasure, which we have to hand on to the next generation. However, trends show a further increase of the pressure on freshwater resources in Asia and the Pacific due to a steady escalation in the amount of water used for daily life, agriculture and industries. In many countries of the Asian and Pacific region, water is rapidly becoming a scarce resource, but it continues to be used wastefully. The promotion of public awareness is one of the priorities for combating the degradation of the aquatic environment and for achieving an adequate supply of water for sustainable economic and social development. The goal of this guide is to contribute to greater awareness and better understanding of the issues, and problems concerning the value of water for life today and for a sustainable future.