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User Manual and Handbook on Agricultural Trade Policy Simulation Model (ATPSM)

  • Author: UNCTAD
  • Publication date: March 2005
  • Page count: 56
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 04.II.D.3

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About the product

This report contains instructions in the use of the Agricultural Trade Policy Simulation Model (ATPSM). ATPSM is designed of detailed analysis of agricultural trade policy issues. It can be used as a tool by researchers and negotiators alike for quantifying the economic effects at the global and regional level of recent changes in national trade policies. It is a deterministic, partial equilibrium, comparative static model covering 161 countries and 35 agricultural commodities. Features of the model include the extensive database, the distinction between bound and applied tariffs, and quota rents. The model solution gives estimates of the changes in trade volumes, prices, government revenues and welfare indicators associated with changes in the trade policy environment.