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Trade in Services

Market Access Opportunities and the Benefits of Liberalization for Developing Countries

  • Author: UNCTAD
  • Publication date: June 2003
  • Page count: 48
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 02.II.D.9

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The service sector is the most important sector for most developed economies being the largest contributor to gross domestic product, production, and employment. Developing economies on the other hand have a comparative advantage in labor services. There abundance of low and semi-skilled labor is a major input into tourism, construction, and transport services. However, the export of many of these services is limited by many restrictions on the temporary movement of labor imposed through domestic regulation. This study provides a comprehensive overview of the international trade in services focusing on market access in foreign markets. It also explains how developing economies are dealing with the issue of trade restrictions so as to spur development of the service sector.