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Sustainable Energy Future

Policy Options, Barriers and Action Plans - Shifting Towards a Sustainable Energy Development Path

  • Author: UN
  • Publication date: June 2002
  • Page count: 130
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 02.II.F.26

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Modern energy services are important to economic and social development, however, the current negative impacts of production, conversion and use of energy caused grave concern for the environment in the context of climate change and social systems over the past decade. This publication is divided into four parts. Part One presents a general overview of energy and sustainable development in the ESCAP region with a situation analysis and policy review. Part Two discusses the major critical issues and cross-cutting issues in promoting sustainable energy development in the region. Part Three presents an abridged version of the sustainable energy development action programme, strategies and implementation modalities. Part Four, the final section, presents a summary of the Bali Declaration on Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Energy and Sustainable Development.