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The Security Council at the Dawn of the Twenty-first Century

To What Extent Is It Willing and Able to Maintain International Peace and Security?

  • Author: UNIDIR
  • Publication date: March 2004
  • Page count: 136
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: GV.02.0.6

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ISBN: 9789211558913

About the product

This study looks at the United Nations Security Council through the prism of major international security issues since the end of the Cold War. Special emphasis is placed on explaining how the Security Council deals with new threats and challenges, how it intervenes in conflicts, and on its interactions with international actors, in particular, great powers, regional organizations and non-state actors. The publication provides a valuable contribution to explaining the day-to-day functioning of the Council and provides thought provoking analysis of its role in today’s world.