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Peace Poem, The

  • Author: UN, DPI
  • Publication date: November 1998
  • Page count: 68
  • Language(s) in this book: English, French, Spanish
  • Sales number: 98.I.13

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'Peace is working together; a preparation for the future.' So says a young voice that is full of wisdom. - An extract from the Peace Poem. So apt as the world prepares for the coming of the new millennium. The Peace Poem resulted from an international collaborative effort of 450 schools from 38 countries worldwide, via the Internet. The children, the voices and leaders of tomorrow, share their thoughts on 'peace' through poetry and art. These 466 voices intermingle to show the world what peace is, what it should be and how much they want it. This is an excellent, colour illustrated publication for schools, poetry readers and even that coffee table. In English, French and Spanish.