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Latin America and the Caribbean Demographic Observatory 2010, No.9

Mortality - Year V (Includes CD-ROM)

  • Author: UN, ECLAC
  • Publication date: August 2011
  • Page count: 254
  • Language(s) in this book: English, Spanish
  • Sales number: 11.II.G.34

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ISBN: 9789210547765

About the product

This edition of the Demographic Observatory presents a series of abridged life tables by sex, estimated and projected by five-year periods, which were prepared as inputs for national population estimates and projections. The tables were prepared for the 20 countries of Latin America and also, for the first time, for Latin America as a whole, for the period 1980-2020. The figures in this publication are a revised version of those presented in Demographic Observatory No. 4 of October 2007. Like previous editions of the Demographic Observatory, this issue also includes an analytical section containing a general overview of the information presented. Lastly, the CD-ROM enclosed with this edition contains life tables covering a more extensive period (1950-2050) and information relating to estimates and projections of the total, urban, rural and economically active population.