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International Trade in GMOs and GM Products

National and Multilateral Legal Frameworks

  • Author: UNCTAD
  • Publication date: June 2005
  • Page count: 64
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 04.II.D.41

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This study reports that genetically modified crops pose especially difficult choices for the world’s poorer nations. Agro-biotechnology may allow higher yields and provide other benefits, but it also involves technology that might be inadequate for the needs of developing countries. While countries are free to decide how to deal domestically with the issue of genetically modified crops, they have to comply with the rules of the World Trade Organization. At the same time, agro-biotechnology is a field where multilateral rules have been agreed upon in a separate legal instrument. The interaction between this specific instrument and the WTO rules adds challenges to an already complex scenario.