Intermodal Transport in the Age of COVID-19 - Practices, Initiatives and Responses

Building Pandemic Resilient Transport Systems

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This publication provides an overview of the work of the UNECE Sustainable Transport Division in supporting countries to overcome challenges faced by their inland transport systems related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Covering five thematic areas, it assesses the different impacts for each area and provides an overview of policy support measures in each of these fields, as provided by the Division: 1. Border Crossing Facilitation; 2. Transport trends and economics; 3. Intermodal transport and logistics; 4. Dangerous goods; 5. Vehicles regulations. The publication also provides an overview of a number of national, regional and international policy responses as developed by Governments, partner organisations such as WHO, WCO, EC etc. as well as the private sector in the wake of the pandemic. Finally, it provides a set of general recommendations and possible areas for further work in strengthening inland transport systems' resilience to and preparedness for (future) pandemics.


UN/Economic Commission for Europe
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