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The Inefficiency of Inequality

Thirty-seventh Session of ECLAC (Havana, 7-11 May 2018)

  • Author: UN, ECLAC
  • Publication date: July 2018
  • Page count: 256
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 18.II.G.11

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ISBN: 9789211219906
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Inequality is inefficient since it hinders learning, productivity, innovation and growth. Equality is, then, not only an ethical principle inherent to development, but also central to achieving it. This document examines mechanisms by which inequality erodes dynamic efficiency. It analyses and measures the productivity and income effects of unequal access to health and education, as well as the consequences of inequality of opportunities arising from discrimination. It examines how inequalities play out at the level of territory, infrastructure and urban dynamics, where their costs not only weigh on productivity, but also worsen energy inefficiencies and environmental degradation.