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Human Rights and Comparative Foreign Policy

  • Author: UNU
  • Publication date: March 2000
  • Page count: 376
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 00.III.A.2

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Human Rights and Comparative Foreign Policy examines the place of human rights in the foreign policies of a wide range of states during contemporary times. Leading experts from around the world analyze both liberal democratic and other foreign policies on human rights. The authors note the increasing attention given to human rights issues and at the same time argue that most states, including liberal democratic states that identify with human rights, are reluctant most of the time to elevate human rights concerns to a level equal to that of traditional security and economic concerns. Human Rights and Comparative Foreign Policy also looks at the extent to which states are oriented toward an international rather than national conception of rights; and the extent to which they are oriented toward international rather than national action to protect human rights.