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External Trade Bulletin of the ESCWA Region, Fourth Issue

  • Author: UN, ESCWA
  • Publication date:
  • Page count: 292
  • Language(s) in this book: English, Arabic

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ISBN: 9789210478786

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This is the fourth issue of the External Trade Bulletin which is divided into three parts. Part one gives summary tables on over all trade, trends and share of the region in total world trade. It also gives time series of unit value, quantum and terms of trade indices of the ECWA countries and annual growth rates for the trade of ECWA region compared with world trade. Part two represents the intraregional trade within the ECWA region. It consists of a series of eight tables which are intended i) to show the importance of the intraregional trade in total trade, ii) to describe the net-work of trade inside the region and iii) to reflect briefly the structure of intraregional trade by main groupings of the SITC. Part three provides data on the geographical distribution of trade of individual ECWA countries for the period 1975-1984.