Arab Human Development Report 2022

Expanding Opportunities for an Inclusive and Resilient Recovery in the Post-COVID Era

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The Arab Human Development Report 2022 focuses on post-COVID recovery, assessing long standing development challenges across the spheres of governance, society, and economy—tackling aspects of gender; youth; education and health; multi-dimensional poverty; impacts on economic sectors, MSMEs and labour markets; displacement and migration; and nature and climate change challenges—to put the region on a resilient and sustainable human development path. The report also assesses adequacy and efficacy of response policies especially where the pandemic has led to widening inequalities and exacerbated existing challenges in such areas as public service provision, including social protection, care, education, healthcare and vaccine rollout. The report provides concrete recommendations on how to guide a resilient, sustainable, equitable, and inclusive recovery. It calls on Arab States to act quickly, decisively and at scale, to assess, evaluate, and strengthen capabilities and capacities and build effective and trustworthy institutional structures that can support a new social contract to better help societies cope with future shocks and disasters.


UNDP/Human Development Report Office
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Arab Human Development Report

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