Africa Environment Outlook 3

Our Environment, Our Health (AEO-3)

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Environment risks are blamed for about 28 per cent of Africa’s disease burden, and this includes diarrhoea, respiratory infections and malaria, which collectively account for 60 per cent of known environmental health impacts in the region (WHO and UNEP 2010). The Third Africa Environment Outlook (AEO-3), analyses the importance of, and interlinkages between, health and environment and the opportunities and synergies that might be derived from intensified collaboration between the two sectors. It uses the Drivers, Pressures, State, Exposure, Effects and Actions (DPSEEA) analytical framework to undertake an integrated analysis of the state and trends covering the themes of air quality, biodiversity, chemicals and waste, climate change and variability, coastal and marine resources, freshwater and sanitation as well as land. It also illustrates how socio-economic driving forces can generate environmental pressures, leading to altered ecosystem states, personal exposure to risks and adverse health effects.


United Nations Environment Programme
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