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International Trade Statistics Yearbook 2017, Volume I

Trade by Country

  • Author: UN, DESA
  • Publication date: March 2019
  • Page count: 398
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 18.XVII.2 H

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ISBN: 9789211616446
ISBN: 9789210457729

About the product

The Yearbook, Volume I —Trade by Country — provides a condensed and integrated analytical view of the international merchandise trade, and trade in services up to the year 2017 by means of brief descriptive text, concise data tables and charts. The information presented provides insights into the latest trends of trade in goods and services of around 175 countries (and areas) in the world. It is aimed at both specialist trade data users and common audience at large. The data, charts and analyses will benefit anyone interested in trade issues.