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Basin of Mexico, The

Critical Environmental Issues and Sustainability

  • Author: UNU
  • Publication date: November 1999
  • Page count: 246
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 99.III.A.22

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The Basin of Mexico discusses the question of urban sustainability in Mexico City, one of the largest megacities on earth. The urban and demographic growth of the Basin of Mexico is of grave concern, not only because of the attendant socio-economic consequences but also because of the pressures that the clustering of some 18 million people may inflict on the environment. This book describes the past history and the current state of the environment in the Basin, putting special attention to past environmental collapses and current rapidly-changing environmental variables. It also examines the pressures on the environment in terms of the salient features of environmental vulnerability and of the driving forces of environmental change. The Basin of Mexico also analyzes the social and governmental responses to environmental criticality and discusses the perspectives for the future.