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Statistical Yearbook 1995 (Set of Book & CD-ROM)

  • Author: UN, DESA
  • Publication date: July 1998
  • Page count: 946
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 98.XVII.12

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About the product

The 42nd edition of the United Nations Statistical Yearbook, over 1 million entries, provides a comprehensive compilation of internationally-available statistics on social and economic conditions and activities in the world, at world, regional and national levels for a ten-year period (1985-1994 or 1986-1995 where available). This publication is also available in CD-ROM. The CD-ROM offers over 140 tables in image form as well as database format; the ability to search and rearrange the data; and the possibility to download data for further analysis. Librarians, researchers, academicians, statisticians and the corporate world will find this comprehensive information invaluable. Minimum Hardware Requirements: 386 PC or higher; 4MB RAM; 5MB available on HD; 512K free memory; VGA monitor; ISO 9660 compatible CD-ROM Drive. Software Requirements: Dos 3.3 or higher. (For Dos 6.2, Expanded Memory option must be used.) Print edition included.