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Reporting and Review Institutions in 10 Multilateral Environmental Agreements

  • Author: UNEP
  • Publication date: December 2002
  • Page count: 96
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 03.III.D.2

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Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) negotiated by the world governments, address a wide range of collective global problems such as climate change and desertification. However, relatively little is known about the practical impact of MEAs on government behaviour. Review Institutions have been designed to address this issue by reviewing states’ behaviour vis-à-vis MEAs. This report analyzes the state of the review institutions today in relation to the 10 major MEAs covered in the Untied Nations Environment Protection Agency’s (UNEP) GEO-2000 report. The following information is covered in this report: the presentation and definition of the central concepts of compliance, implementation and effectiveness of MEAs; introduction of the essential characteristics of review institutions and their variations; presentation and analysis of the existing and proposed review institutions in each of the 10 MEAs systematically; and a summary of observations concerning the sate of review institutions in existing MEAs, including key lessons learned and policy recommendations.