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Levels and Trends of Contraceptive Use as Assessed in 1998

  • Author: UN
  • Publication date: July 2001
  • Page count: 212
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 01.XIII.4

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This present report contains a comprehensive review of sample-survey data on the level of contraceptive use, types of methods employed and recent trends in contraceptive practice. It discusses the availability of contraceptives to national populations, drawing on results of recent international studies. Updated global and regional estimates of average levels of contraceptive use are included. As in the previous assessment of contraceptive use conducted in 1994, this report also includes estimates of the amount of growth in contraceptive practice that will be needed in developing countries if fertility is to decline in accordance with the United Nations population projections. An important addition to the present report is a chapter on fertility preferences and contraceptive use.