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Charting the Progress of Populations

  • Author: UN, DESA
  • Publication date: February 2000
  • Page count: 108
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 00.XIII.6

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Recognizing that development remains the great challenge of our time, the United Nations launched a series of global conferences during the 1990s addressing critical issues of international concern. This publication provides basic statistical information and analysis for 12 key indicators relevant to the themes of the various global conferences. It tries to show where countries currently stand and how close they are to the agreed goals of the conferences. The indicators used include: total population, health services, contraceptive prevalence, underweight prevalence among preschool children, maternal mortality, infant and child mortality, life expectancy at birth, school enrollment, adult illiteracy, access to safe water, access to sanitation and floor area per person.