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OzonAction Strategic Information System (CD-ROM)

  • Author: UNEP
  • Publication date: February 2000
  • Language(s) in this book: English
  • Sales number: 00.III.D.88

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About the product

The gap in availability, quality, coherence, standardization and accessibility of data between developed and developing countries has impaired the capacities of countries to make informed decisions concerning environment and development. OASIS - the OzonAction Strategic Information System on CD-ROM comes at an opportune time to help narrow the gap in the field of stratospheric ozone layer protection. OASIS is a user-friendly CD-ROM that provides essential resource material related to the implementation of the Montreal Protocol on the phase-out of ozone depleting substances. It helps users to better understand how to meet the technical and policy challenges that their countries, businesses or organizations face under the Protocol. OASIS also provides data reporting forms and instructions; meeting reports of the Parties and the Executive Committee; guidelines, handbooks, technical brochures and contact lists; such multilateral fund information such as policies, procedures and guidelines; an update of the Montreal Protocol Handbook; and issues 15-30 of the OzonAction Newsletter. The OASIS CD-ROM is easy to use and among its enhanced features includes a built-in web browser which enables Internet links to ozone protection web sites and multilingual content, menu screens, navigation and help features in English, French and Spanish. OASIS is both Windows 95 and Macintosh compatible. PC Requirements: 90MHz Pentium - 16MB RAM; 16-bit video - Windows95; X4 speed CD-ROM drive - Audio card. Macintosh Requirements: Power PC66 - 16 MB RAM; 16-bit video - MacOs 7.0 or later; X4 speed CD-ROM drive - Audio card.