International Recommendations for Industrial Statistics 2008 (Arabic language)

التنسيق *
The Statistical Commission, at its thirty-ninth session, held in New York from 26 to 29 February 2008, adopted part I of the draft IRIS 2008, containing the recommendations for statistical units, characteristics of statistical units, data items and their definitions and the data items for international reporting, as the international recommendations for industrial statistics.5 The Commission also endorsed part II of the document, containing guidance on performance indicators, data sources and data compilation methods, data-collection strategy, data quality and metadata, and dissemination of industrial statistics, as supplementary guidance for the implementation of the international recommendations. This publication is designed to provide a comprehensive methodological framework for the collection and reporting of industrial statistics in all countries, irrespective of the level of development of their statistical systems. It is intended primarily for the producers of industrial statistics, particularly the staff of national statistical offices involved in the collection and compilation of industrial statistics, but may be also useful to researchers and other users of industrial statistics.


UN/Department of Economic and Social Affairs
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Statistical Papers (Ser. M) (Arabic)

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